The Future Of Roofing Stares Toward The Sun


Bell Labs developed solar cells for space activities in the 1950s; the first silicon solar cell was invented in 1954. Since then, research has uncovered efficient ways to harness our suns energy; we’ve seen major impacts from such discoveries in the 1990s into early 21st century. Commercial and enterprises are benefiting in ways that could reach communities, but adoption (or adaption) has been reluctant.

Clean energy cannot provide its greatest potential without a wise deployment strategy, especially in regards to solar panel technology. There are companies like Tesla (with SolarCity) making strides in educating, innovating, and distributing consumer level solar panels. However, a big concern is still present within the population over solar energy as a feasible option next to utility electricity providers.


So What Can Truly Be Beneficial?

The Reduction or The Complete Elimination Of energy Bills

Depending on the area where solar panels are installed, a home can run independently from an electricity grid system. This ideal situation, of course, is not accessible to many consumers. There’s also requirements of minor adjustments and knowledge about how to use / trade energy storages.

Good companies will never leave someone in the dark because they are proudly offering information someone needs in order to function without sacrificing. You won’t notice a difference until you start seeing your savings.

Tax Credits and Rebates! 

A federal income tax credit promises 30% of the cost toward equipment and installation will be given back upon filing for taxes. This is an amazing incentive, but when combined with Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) the cost cuts can be more significant.

There’s even more! The Renewable Portfolio Standard Expansion Act was backed by the idea to incentivize continued growth of solar industries. The act offers a potential to earn free electricity and credits for over 20 years.

Did you know that net metering is another benefit that enables earnings beyond bill credits? We’re talking about cold hard cash. It’s true. Compensation for the electricity that solar panels generate is an option that many states provide through incentives.

If you know anyone who holds onto opinions that installing solar panels is “ridiculously expensive” please be sure to point them toward the above education. Don’t solely regard our research on this topic though (as extensive as we tried to make it). You should learn more yourself, and mention everything you find in conversations.

The Hard Hatters Roofing & Construction team has a ton of heart, but limited resources. We also recommend taking a long look at the EnergySage Solar Marketplace.


Save Thousands and Thousands Longterm 

People who ignored the naysayers experience savings around $3000 annually by not having to pay for energy. Unless the sun decides to start billing, those savings are going to stack up. In three years, average energy cost savings are around 10 thousand.

If that’s not enough to sway your financial decision making, take note of the following: solar panels will greatly improve the resale value of your home – averaging close to 6K per kilowatt. Since the average household needs a 5kW system in place, it’s safe to assume an expected resale value gain near 30 thousand dollars.

Let’s do some math! According to research solar energy costs about $3.26 per watt. From this, common quotes range around 16K for a 5kW system. After the 30% Federal ITC discount mentioned above that price drops just under 12K. If you sold your home the very next day you might profit 18 thousand dollars just from installing solar panels. The profits will be higher when taking advantage of other incentives (also mentioned above).

But Hard Hatters Roofing doesn’t just focus on the numbers. We love being able to mention that solar panels extend the life of a roof. How is that possible? They protect from elements like snow, debris, and rain better than pro-rated shingles can!

For those of you in the market for white roofs (if not you should consider it), heat absorption benefits are more noticeable using solar panels. Your home will remain cooler AND be renewable.

This Is About You AND The World

We don’t need to get political to realize how solar power systems utilize cleaner and purer energy than fossil fuels. Bottomline, a stronger environment makes healthier inhabitants and a more thriving planet. We can’t ignore the fact that fossil fuels will not last, and that the sun will outlast all of us.

Public safety concerns are a real issue dealing with coal and natural gasses. Pollution is well documented, and contributes to broad spectrums of illness. Imagine a world that can utilize energy without any threat of harmful affects.

Also, renewable resources such as solar panels require significantly less water to manage. The same cannot be said for fossil fuels, which place additional strains on severely limited water supplies worldwide. Another application of water being part of the process is during heat-waves and droughts; since solar energy needs almost no water, the consistency of electricity being generated is much higher during those disasters.


Invest In A Better Tomorrow 

Multiple reports with plenty of research confirm not only everything stated in this blog so far, but also how many new jobs will be created inside the industry. Clean energy needs leadership, it is in our best interest to take charge.

Fortunately, the United States government is working alongside forward-thinking companies using incentives (check out LEED credits for even more green living) and budget cut methods like ones made to DOE and EPA. These initiatives are helping solar energy developments achieve endless possibilities.

There are two particular companies taking advantage of leading the world into a clean efficient future: Tesla and SolarCity. If you’re not yet aware of the innovation these companies are working together on, well you’re not alone – and we’re going to cover as much as we can.

These Panels Are Far From Typical 

Say farewell to oversized and visually unappealing solar panels. Tesla has managed to incorporate style into renewables, which isn’t too surprising if you’ve seen their ultra-sporty vehicles. The company has always had consumer interest as their main priority, and these roofing tiles do not disappoint.

Here at Hard Hatters Roofing, we’ve gotten a chance to see some of the designs up close. We’re very pleased seeing incredible blending of solar cells into beautiful shingles. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety of styles such as: textured, smooth, Tuscan, and Slate. We also didn’t expect them to look so streamlined!

Looks aren’t everything though. It’s much more important making a quality product, and again Tesla (with SolarCity) has developed something that pushes industry standards. The tiles were made with particular attention to details, and they are brave in the face of weather elements. The high quality materials should also last much longer than traditional shingles while looking seriously sharper.


Are They Too Good To Be True? 

We would never lie to you. Tesla and SolarCity are in business, and they need money (lots of it) in order to fully operate. Somehow / someway  they have made these products competitively affordable (and remember the information above about incentives making solar panels truly feasible).

Need more amazement? These tiles come with an unlimited, infinite warranty. Need more? They have been designed to be basically indestructible due to materials such as Tesla tempered glass. Test results have been intense and remarkable; data is available for you to see that their solar roofs are 2-3 times stronger than traditional ones. The engineers behind these designs are serious about satisfying superior solar needs.

They come primarily from the same branch that has been awarded for advancements in the automotive industry. We’re not going to get into everything they’ve done there, we’re just mentioning that because it’s another aspect making Tesla working alongside SolarCity so important. Their partnership has also repaved pathways through dense sales approaches.

“As part of the integration with SolarCity, we have decided to eliminate our door-to-door sales channel for our energy products. After careful consideration, we believe this decision reflects what most of our prospective customers prefer, and will result in a better experience for them. We have recently begun to expand our retail and online channels for energy products, and we expect the growth of these channels to end up more than offsetting the loss of door-to-door sales. The vast majority of affected employees will be reassigned or provided an opportunity to interview for other positions that will help support our expanded retail efforts, the overall success of the company, and the delivery of new solar and storage products across the country.” – Tesla representative


This Will Be The Consumers Choice 

Tesla is fundamentally changing what was established for residential solar energy industries. Their inspiring ideologies shine bright through quality, innovation, and end-user satisfaction. These ideologies can be heard through the voice of their leader, Elon Musk.


The Hard Hatters Roofing team is inspired by leadership, and that’s one major reason why we wrote this blog, and put some love into Musk’s quotes (hopefully you like our creations enough to follow our Instagram). We want you to be inspired too!

Be A Leader

Besides being able to take control over your electricity costs (which fluctuate and there’s nothing you can do about it), you can become a pioneer by having solar powered roofing. It’s reported that the cost of electricity continues to rise while solar energy has fallen about 70%.

Autonomy is not reserved for artificial intelligence. It would be wise to act quickly for this future offering before incentives start disappearing. Why would that happen? Solar power is kind of like a novelty, and it’s possible that when it becomes the standard; incentives to be a part of the change will be less available.

The benefits will still be wonderful, but it will no longer be a futurist investment; meaning that the best time to buy really is now. Once solar energy is a commonality, there could be less support because it will no longer be viewed like a stock-trade market. We don’t believe there’s risk involved today, but reluctance has caused a consensus that this industry appears risky.

The overall population outlook, in combination with entities environmental interests, is what makes investing in solar roofing affordable and feasible right now. However, the affordability we’re witnessing lately has no guarantee. It’s safe to assume that like most products there will be companies banking on “past pricing” that will install less quality materials than companies like Tesla / SolarCity – forcing those companies to increase their prices (if innovation continues its growth).


Hard Hatters Roofing & Construction constantly assists our customers with their best longterm decisions. Our experience, our compassion, and our due diligence has returned incredible satisfaction. We see how the solar industry can make healthier and happier people, and because we love people we MUST take part with the same passion that brought us here. We hope you will join this journey towards leading a better and brighter future!